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Time is money. So when you need a part for your jet, you can rely on Averitt for a speedy response and quality you can depend on. That’s because Averitt Air offers a diverse range of parts for overnight delivery to our dealers and distributors. No watching. No waiting. Just tell us which part you need, and we’ll send it on its way. Or let our maintenance professionals replace your parts at Averitt Air’s FAA Certified Repair Center (N9VR084I) in Nashville (BNA) Tennessee.

The parts you need when you need them
Averitt Air also offers a wide selection of parts for Mooney, Cessna and Piper aircraft. All interior plastics are of the highest quality from Plane Plastics LTD. And through our affiliation with Averitt Express, you get added shipping flexibility to the destination/location of your choice.

Averitt maintains one of the largest broad-ranged
parts inventories for:

  • Beechcraft King Air
  • Mooney Aviation Company
  • Cessna Aircraft Company
  • Piper Aircraft
  • Garmin Aviation
  • Honeywell (Bendix/King)
  • L-3 (formerly BFGoodrich Avionics Systems, Inc.)
  • S-TEC Meggitt
  • Century Flight Systems, Inc.
  • PS Engineering
  • Avidyne Corporation
  • Insight Avionics
  • UPS Aviation Technologies
  • Sigmatech Instruments & Avionics
  • AvNav Systems, Inc.
  • Shadin Avionics
  • Sandel Avionics Inc.
  • Aircell
  • Universal Avionics

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Averitt Air manages a large, broad range of parts for your Cessna, King Air, Mooney, Piper and more!