Cost-Benefit Calculator

Calculate out-of-pocket expenses in minutes!

Averitt Air’s Cost-Benefit Calculator is a short, concise way to help you calculate the actual cost of your time and out-of-pocket expenses when making a business travel decision. We hope this tool will help you manage your company’s two most important assets: people and time.

Instructions for Use

1) Out-of-Pocket Costs
Enter the actual data you have collected in the appropriate box. This will give you your total out-of-pocket cost.

2) Opportunity Cost of Time
Enter the combined annual salary of the group traveling. Then, add the number of unproductive hours spent by your group (i.e., arriving early for flights, changing plans, extra overnight stays, drive time to meetings).

When calculated, you will have the final cost for the specific trip. Now compare this cost with the total cost to fly in the comfort and privacy of an Averitt Air Charter aircraft on your schedule and at your demand.

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Cost-Benefit Analyzer